Focus on Children

  • Character & Discipline
  • Leadership & Responsibility
  • Effective Communication
  • Time & Task Management
  • Motivation for Excellence
  • Instill Family Values
  • Caring & Loving Parents
  • Traditional Vedic Culture
  • Devotional Living


  • Semester Presentations
  • iGokulam Learning Center
  • Software Development
  • Bhajaneeya Singing Group
  • Vadya Instruments Group
  • Bhajan CD Releases
  • Prison Outreach Project
  • Food For poor Project
  • Health Environment Project
  • Cow Protection Project
  • Dramas & Dances
  • Family Picnics

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1. Weekly Bhajan Groups

Abhinay Ruddarraju
Aishwarya Balaji
Anupama Mishra
Archita Mishra
Anirvin Reddy
Aarushi Shah
Anushree Jeyakumar
Gokul Kesav
Janvi Nandwani
Dakshayani Reddy
Arnav Maggo
Bhargava Kolli
Yashica Paramkusham
Laxmi Neha Pendyala
Nidhi Pendyala
Manasvini Premkumar
Pushpit Maggo
Akshita Reddy Mosali
Sai Tejas Paramkusham
Medha Reddy
Damodar Premkumar
Mahika Nagaradona
Manasa Kolli
Khushi Shah
Saketh Ruddarraju
Saanvee Sunkara
Siddharth Sankaranarayanan
Shreesh Reddy

2. Bhajaneeya Group

This group is a special group of children who dedicate and engage in developing and singing bhajans. Joining Bhajaneeya is not by voluntary. It is by invitation only depending on the interest and skills shown by the children.To be in Bhajaneeya group and continue, a child must satisfy the following requirements:

  • The child should have special interest in singing our bhajans
  • The child should have a regular attendance and punctual coming on time
  • The child must have recited most of the regular slokas due every week
  • The child must have dedication and interest in music
  • The child shall be taking singing lessons from a teacher
  • Every semester the child must have done at least 2 recordings at our studio
  • The child must have sung in every yearly CD thet we produce
- Any sample bhajan can be sung by any number of children, but need to be sung during the class few times first before recording
- There is no age limit - As a privilege, Bhajaneeya children can sing 2 bhajans in each CD

3. Vadya Group

This group is a special group of senior children who want to bring their talents in playing instruments for Sri Radha Krishna.

Joining Vadya is by voluntary. Any children who are interested can join this group and bring their own instruments.