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  • Instill Family Values
  • Caring & Loving Parents
  • Traditional Vedic Culture
  • Devotional Living


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Top Samples by Singer

Sung By#IDBhajan TitleBase TrackVideo
Aishwarya & Vaishnavi1F-06 Kummiyadippom - Aishwarya & Vaishnavi Base Track 
Aishwarya1A-03 Guru Carana Kamala - Aishwarya Base Track Video
 2B-17 Yashomati Nandana Vraja Vara Nagara - Aishwarya Base Track 
 3C-11 Sri Ramachandra Kripalu - Aishwarya Base Track 
 4D-03 Chiri Dhoovi - Aishwarya Base Track Video
 5D-07 Govinda Madhava Gopala - Aishwarya Base Track 
 6D-15 Hari Bol Hari Bol - Aishwarya  
 7D-37 Yenna Thavam Seithanai - Aishwarya Base Track 
 8D-39 Swagatam Krishna 2 - Aishwarya Base Track 
 9E-37 Sundara Ramana Govinda - Aishwarya Base Track 
 10E-43 Yathanai Yathanai - Aishwarya Base Track 
 11E-45 Nandanana O Nandana- Aishwarya Base Track Video
 12E-52 Vrindavana Nandana Lala - Aishwarya Base Track Video
 13E-78 Raja Ganam Padum - Aishwarya Base Track 
 14F-15 Vrindavana Malika Giridhari Ca - Aishwarya Base Track Video
 15F-16 Krishna Gopala Bal - Aishwarya Base Track Video
Ankita1A-16 Vande Vishvambara - Ankita Base Track 
Anupama1A-08 Gauranga Bolite Habe - Anupama Base Track 
 2A-19 Amara Samana Hina - Anupama Base Track 
 3A-23 Je anila prema dhana - Anupama  
 4B-06 Jaya Radhe Jaya Radhe Radhe - Anupama Base Track 
 5B-11 Radha Krishna Prana Mora - Anupama Base Track 
 6B-18 Radha Nache Krishna Nache - Anupama Base Track 
 7C-08 Rama Raghava - Anupama Base Track 
 8D-29 Govind Mero Hai - Anupama Base Track 
 9E-31 Radhika Ramana Ramya Nayana - Anupama Base Track 
 10E-68 Vrindavana Vasa - Anupama Base Track 
 11E-71 Guru Devam Vandam - Anupama Base Track 
 12E-83 Saranam Gurudeva - Anupama Base Track 
 13E-92 Yamunai Nadhi Oram - Anupama Base Track 
 14E-95 Caitanya Deva Namo Namo - Anupama Base Track 
 15E-98 O Gauranga O Krsna Gauranga - Anupama Base Track 
 16F-01 Gurudeva Jaya Gurudeva - Anupama Base Track 
 17F-04 Gopala Govinda - Anupama Base Track 
 18F-05 O Radhe Jaya Radhe - Anupama Base Track Video
 19F-07 Radha Ramana Bol Hari Bol - Anupama Base Track 
 20F-08 Bol Radhe Bol - Anupama Base Track Video
 21F-19 Krishna Krishna Shyama - Anupama Base Track 
Ashikha1D-20 Namo Narayana - Ashikha Base Track 
BK Anupama Yashica1F-01 Gurudeva Jaya Gurudeva - BK Anupama Yashica Base Track 
BK and Syamali1D-13 Jaya Raha Ramana Hari Bol - BK and Syamali Base Track 
BV Muni Maharaj1B-21 Anupama Maddhuri - BV Muni Maharaj Base Track 
Full1D-20 Namo Narayana Namo Narayana - Full Base Track 
Janvi1B-04 Hari He Dayala Mora - Janvi Base Track 
Kirtaniyas1D-13 Jaya Radha Ramana Haribol - Kirtaniyas Base Track 
Krishna Das1B-21 Anupama Madhuri - Krishna Das Base Track 
Medha1A-18 Jaya Jaya Jagannath - Medha Base Track 
 2A-22 Sri Krsna Caitanya Prabhu - Medha Base Track 
 3B-15 Sri Radhe Rani De Daro Na Bansuri Meri - Medha Base Track 
 4D-52 Krishnama Kalaya Sakhi Sundaram - Medha Base Track 
 5E-71 Gurudevam Vandam - Medha Base Track 
 6F-14 Kuckoo Kuckoo Koovuthadi - Medha Base Track Video
 7F-17 Gokul Vana Vara Dhari - Medha Base Track 
 8F-33 Gokul Vana Jeevana - Medha Base Track 
Meenal1A-15 Sundara Bala Saci Dula - Meenal Base Track 
 2E-47 Gauranga Avataram - Meenal Base Track Video
Neha1B-18 Radha Nache Krsna Nache - Neha Base Track 
 2E-47 Gauranga Avataram - Neha Base Track Video
 3F-04 Gopala Govinda Krishna - Neha Base Track 
Nice1H-10 Madhurastakam-Nice  
Nischala1D-32 Acyutam Keshavam - Nischala Base Track 
 2F-04 Gopala Govinda - Nischala Base Track 
 3F-08 Bol Radhe Bol - Nischala Base Track Video
 4G-04 I am a little Gokul Kid - Nischala Base Track Video
 5G-06 Let us go Let us go - Nischala Base Track 
 6G-14 What is the use of my education - Nischala Base Track 
Priya1A-03 Guru Carana Kamala - Priya Base Track Video
 2A-04 Gurudeva Krpa Bindu Diya - Priya Base Track 
 3B-12 Radha Kunda Tata - Priya Base Track 
 4B-16 Vraja Jana Mana Sukha - Priya Base Track 
 5D-08 Govinda Krishna Jay - Priya  
 6D-09 Govinda Radhe - Priya Base Track 
 7D-22 Neela Megha Syamala - Priya Base Track 
 8E-02 Giri Varada Jaya Giri Varada - Priya Base Track Video
 9E-15 Kanna Kanna Vaa Vaa Vaa - Priya Base Track 
 10E-29 Nanda Nandana Jaya Krishna - Priya Base Track Video
 11E-36 Sundara Lali - Priya Base Track 
 12E-40 Yamuna Tira for Drama - Priya Base Track 
 13E-47 Gauranga Avataram - Priya Base Track Video
 14E-48 Krpa Karo O Radhe - Priya Base Track Video
 15E-52 Vrindavana Nandana Lala - Priya Base Track Video
 16E-65 Jeevita Padahu Ailasa - Priya Base Track Video
 17E-66 Goloka Lokam Aduthe - Priya Base Track 
 18E-76 Chinna Chinna Gopala - Priya Base Track Video
 19E-79 Radha Ramana O Nandana - Priya Base Track 
 20E-95 Caitanya Deva Namo Namo - Priya Base Track 
 21E-98 O Gauranga - Priya Base Track 
 22E-99 Aham Bikshu Vrindavane - Priya Base Track Video
 23G-01 Vrindavana Mein Bansi - Priya Base Track 
 24G-02 Damodara Damodar - Priya Base Track Video
 25G-05 I Have Some Questions Gurudeva - Priya Base Track Video
 26G-07 Where can You hide from me - Priya Base Track 
 27G-08 Maya Maya Maya - Priya Base Track 
 28G-09 No To Vaikuntha - Priya Base Track 
 29G-10 No One Falls From Vaikuntha - Priya Base Track 
Ritwik1D-02 Bhajare Manasa Gopalam - Ritwik Base Track 
 2D-22 Neela Megha Syamala - Ritwik Base Track 
 3D-27 Radhika Mohana - Ritwik Base Track 
 4D-30 Ezhayagum Ennodinga - Ritwik Base Track 
 5E-19 Kuvalaya Dala Neela Varna - Ritwik Base Track 
Shivani1B-02 Bhaja Hu Re Mana - Shivani Base Track Video
 2D-14 Krishna Hare Jaya Krishna Hare - Shivani Base Track 
 3E-08 Gokulathil Meendum Kannan - Shivani Base Track 
 4E-09 Gopala Govinda - Shivani Base Track 
 5E-21 Madhura Gana Mohana-Shivani Base Track 
 6E-22 Mohana Madhu Sudhana - Shivani Base Track 
 7E-26 Nanda Bala Gopi Natha - Shivani Base Track Video
 8E-37 Sundara Ramana Govinda - Shivani Base Track 
 9E-45 Nandanana O Nandana - Shivani Base Track Video
 10E-48 Krpa Karo O Radhe - Shivani Base Track Video
 11E-63 Pankaja Vadanam - Shivani Base Track 
 12E-64 O Shyamala O Sundara - Shivani Base Track 
 13E-83 Saranam Gurudeva - Shivani Base Track 
 14G-01 Vrindavana Mein Bansi - Shivani Base Track 
Sudevi Kishori Mohan1B-23 Radha Krsna Bol Bol - Sudevi Kishori Mohan  
Yashica1D-18 Krishna Nee Begane - Yashica Base Track 
 2D-33 Radhika Krishna Radhika - Yashica Base Track 
 3D-49 Govardhana Girisham Smarami - Yashica Base Track Video
 4D-50 Thaye Yashoda - Yashica Base Track 
 5D-51 Muralidhara Gopala - Yashica Base Track Video
 6E-40 Yamuna Tira - Yashica Base Track 
 7E-57 Giridhara Balam Gopalam - Yashica Base Track 
 8E-61 Lala Lala Nanda Lala - Yashica Base Track 
 9E-63 Pankaja Vadanam - Yashica Base Track 
 10E-66 Goloka Lokam Aduthe - Yashica Base Track 
 11E-67 O Nandana Nanda Nandana - Yashica Base Track 
 12E-70 Kaar Muhil Varna Kanna - Yashica Base Track 
 13E-71 Guru Devam Vandam - Yashica Base Track 
 14E-73 Gopi Jana Mana Lola - Yashica Base Track 
 15E-79 Radha Ramana O Nandana - Yashica Base Track 
 16E-81 Krishna Govinda Namo - Yashica Base Track 
 17E-94 Premadam Ca Me - Yashica Base Track 
 18E-95 Caitanya Deva Namo Namo - Yashica Base Track 
 19E-98 O Gauranga O Krsna Gauranga - Yashica Base Track 
 20E-99 Aham Bikshu Vrindavane - Yashica Base Track Video
 21F-01 Gurudeva Jaya Gurudeva - Yashica Base Track 
 22F-03 Syamasundara Syamali Mohana - Yashica Base Track 
 23F-06 Kummiyadippom Thozhiyare - Yashica Base Track 
 24F-08 Bol Radhe Bol - Yashica Base Track Video
 25F-33 Gokul Vana Jeevana - Yashica Base Track 
iskcon1B-11 Radha Krishna Prana Mora - iskcon Base Track