Focus on Children

  • Character & Discipline
  • Leadership & Responsibility
  • Effective Communication
  • Time & Task Management
  • Motivation for Excellence
  • Instill Family Values
  • Caring & Loving Parents
  • Traditional Vedic Culture
  • Devotional Living


  • Semester Presentations
  • iGokulam Learning Center
  • Software Development
  • Bhajaneeya Singing Group
  • Vadya Instruments Group
  • Bhajan CD Releases
  • Prison Outreach Project
  • Food For poor Project
  • Health Environment Project
  • Cow Protection Project
  • Dramas & Dances
  • Family Picnics

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Projects By Gokul Bhajan

Project 1 - IPBYS Prison Seva

This project has been blessed by Srila Gurudeva under IPBYS.
The founder of this Seva is Vasanti Didi and supported by Syamarani Didi.
Many parents from Gokula Bhajan & Vedic Studies are engaged in supporting this project.

1Anupama MishraPresidentAnupama D D
2Medha Reddy ThummalaVice President
3Manasvini PremkumarVice President
4Archita MishraTeam Member

Project 2 - Book Distribution

The goal of this project is to engage families and children in distributing books on Krishna Consciousness.
Any volunteers can join and distribute books in allowed public places.


Project 3 - Gokul Bhajan Library

The purpose of this project is to help the families and children of Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies to make use of an internal library.
Children and parents can checkout and check in Krishna Consciousness books.

1Janvi NandwaniPresident
2Medha ReddyVice President

Project 4 - Food For Poor

The goal of this project is to promote the awareness of feeding the poor.
Every year, our children collect vegetarian foods from donors including grocery stores and then distributing them via the distribution centers.


Project 5 - GVACS Malaysia

The goal of this project is to support GVACS organization of Malaysia which is involved in translating Krishna Consciousness Books into various languages such as Tamil.
We also actively help in producing booklets, brochures and multi-media items such as CDs and DVDs.
Thay are all being circulated and widely distributed in Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.
Thay are also one of the main distributor of our Gokul Ganam CDs and DVDs.

1B K Dasa

Project 6 - Charity and Cow Protection

The goal of this project is to bring awareness to everyone to give a little portion of their earning to charities such as for protecting cows and other animals from killing, and also help and jointly work with similar charities. Thus, this project will engage against killing animals for food and support Non-Violence (Ahimsa)

1Medha Reddy ThummalaPresident
2Manasvini PremkumarVice President
3Shreesh Reddy ThummalaVice President
4Archita MishraMember

Project 8 - Gokul Web Radio

This project regularly posts our bhajans and multi-media contents from Gokul Bhajan & Vedic Studies.