Focus on Children

  • Character & Discipline
  • Leadership & Responsibility
  • Effective Communication
  • Time & Task Management
  • Motivation for Excellence
  • Instill Family Values
  • Caring & Loving Parents
  • Traditional Vedic Culture
  • Devotional Living


  • Semester Presentations
  • iGokulam Learning Center
  • Software Development
  • Bhajaneeya Singing Group
  • Vadya Instruments Group
  • Bhajan CD Releases
  • Prison Outreach Project
  • Food For poor Project
  • Health Environment Project
  • Cow Protection Project
  • Dramas & Dances
  • Family Picnics

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Audio Slokas

Guide and Rules of the Game

1. Identify your Grade you want to play for

Every child as per their age and registration need to first identify as which grade he/she will be competing for. This is only a suggested grade for the age.

  • G0 - Age 5 and below and kids who joined in the current semester.
  • G1 - Ages 6 to 8
  • G2 - Age 9 and above

If the child wants to compete for another grade it can be done, but only if it is an upgrade to a higher grade. Once the child has selected the grade, then start to memorize.

SPECIAL NOTE: G0 and Newly joined children this semester can pre-select any 2 slokas of their choices from G0 or any grade and directly recite without drawing any from bowl.

2. TRUMP card slokas

At the beginning of the competition, every child has an option of reciting a trump sloka and get a TRUMP card. The child has to memorize all shown under 'TRUMP' card sloka list (on top) but only one will be chosen for recitation by the conductor. This TRUMP card can be used to draw an extra scroll if the one drawn by the child could not be recited by the child.

3. Go over and memorize the Scroll Slokas

For the grade you have chosen, pl see these slokas on the 'Slokas' page and start to practice. The audio can be played to hear and also see the sloka texts.

4. SPL Recitation of all the 8 Sikshashtakam Slokas - Honorary Role

If the child memorizes and recites ALL the Sikshashtakam Slokas, the child will receive honorary recognition.

5. Procedure in Sloka Competition

  • There will be individual bowls labeled 'G1', and 'G2' with the respective slokas as scrolls (no bowl for G0).
  • Children will be called in random order and asked to draw a scroll that has the first line of the sloka written. G0 and newly joined children can recite any slokas they practiced without drawing any from any bowl.
  • The child should recite the full sloka. Meaning need not to be recited in the sloka competition event.
  • There will be judges who will assign points depending on how correctly the slokas were recited.
  • There will be two rounds for each child and at the end appropriate gifts will be presented.

We will make this a great event.